How to Make a Wedding Day Timeline Template

Wedding days are one of the most beautiful and memorable days we experience. We always want them to fit perfectly with some dreams we’ve nurtured since our teenage or even from childhood. This can however not be a reality except we take some tiny steps that may not even cost anything but can cost the happiness of the whole day if overlooked. One of these crucial steps is creating a Wedding Day Timeline Template.

What is a Wedding Day Timeline Template?

A Wedding Day Timeline Template is a document either printed or digital that documents the activities you will engage in on your wedding day, including the time and duration of events.

Wedding Day Timeline Templates are also known as Wedding Day Timeline Calculator or Wedding Day Timeline Generator. Regardless of what they are called, they all do essentially the same thing.

How to Make Your Wedding Day Timeline Template

1. Run your imagination

The first step in creating your Wedding Day Timeline Template is to sit with a pen, a notepad and your imagination. Start by imagining when you will wake up on your wedding day.

Imagine what time it will be, and where you will be (most likely in a Hotel). With your imaginations, run through the process of taking a bath, getting dressed, wearing your makeup, photoshoots etc. Write down all of the activities.

2. Organise the activities

After having all the activities on a sheet, write down the key events on another sheet. Don’t try to make it perfect, you can always adjust it.

3. Allocate Time

After writing the key activities, the next step is to allocate time duration to each one of them. So you will have something like ‘Bride Family Photos – 20 minutes, ‘ ‘Groom Family Photos – 20 minutes,’ etc. Next, you write the actual time each activity will start and end. You have to decide when your ceremony time will be as this will affect when the whole timeline should begin.

Factors to consider when planning a wedding itinerary timeline

  1. Choose a ceremony time that is suitable for you and not just your guests. This will prevent you from working yourself out since your ceremony time largely affects when your day will begin on your wedding day.
  2. Start early. Create your wedding timeline as early as 2 months before your wedding so you get acquainted with all the activities and start anticipating all the loopholes that may come up.
  3. Create a backup plan. For every item on your itinerary create some backup plans in case some of the activities take longer than expected due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Easiest Method of Making a Wedding Day Timeline Template

The process of making a wedding day timeline template might be hectic. You may not even have sufficient time to accommodate the task. Thankful we have done the work for you. You can use our online Wedding Day Timeline Template Calculator by clicking here.

Weddings have been held for centuries and over time, we have seen the same itinerary recurring. We used the most popular wedding itinerary to create an online Wedding Day Timeline Template that has all the durations allocated for you.

You can choose what your ceremony time should be and the timeline will be adjusted for you, ready to be printed.

Types of Wedding Day Timeline Template

There are different types of Wedding Day Timeline Templates, we have listed some of them below.

1. Wedding Day Timeline Templates Spreadsheets

These types of Wedding Day Timeline Templates are created with MS Excel or any other software. To use them, you will need to download them.

2. Wedding Day Timeline Template PDF

You can also find the PDF versions of these timelines but they are the most difficult to use. Not all PDFs are editable, and that means you will have to write on them. Making corrections on them becomes uneasy.

3. Wedding Day Timeline Template Word

Just as there are PDF templates for Wedding Day Timelines, there are also Word document templates. These ones are easy to use but not as good as the next one we’ll talk about.

4. Online Wedding Day Timeline Template

Off all the types of Wedding Day Timeline Templates, this is the fastest and easiest to use. These kind of calculators generate your wedding Day Timeline Templates in seconds.

They include the benefits of other types because they can also be printed after the timeline has been generated.

What is the Best Wedding Day Timeline Generator?

Before deciding what the Best wedding day calculator will be, there are some factors we need to consider.

  1. A good wedding day timeline generator should not require a lot of inputs from users to generate a template
  2. The generator should be easy to navigate
  3. It should be printable.
  4. It should be customizable.
  5. It should have an adjustable ceremony time.
  6. It should have an adjustable ceremony duration time.
  7. It should be downloadable for free.

The only calculator that meets all of these requirements is the one we have on this site. It is a printable wedding day timeline, it is a downloadable wedding day timeline, and it provides every other feature that makes it easy to use. We created it to be the best for grooms, brides or wedding planners. We also have the spreadsheet version which is available on our Etsy store.

Let’s Wrap it up.

The success of a good wedding day begins with a perfect and flawless itinerary. As we have seen, it may be quite laborious to create your own Wedding Day Timeline by yourself. But you can rely on the experience of a professionally designed template that has worked for many couples and will work for just any kind of wedding. One more task off you, will give you a little more time to bond with your spouse while preparing for your big day. So, feel free to use our Wedding Day Timeline Calculator right here. You may not necessarily need this now, but if you know anyone who will be getting married soon please share the link with them and that will be a huge blessing to them.

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