Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist for Wedding Day

Being a Bridesmaid is beyond looking beautiful and hoping that you may find a potential husband for yourself…lol.

It’s your friend’s happy day and you need to be extra careful to make sure everything goes well for her.

Of course, she trusts and depends on you, that is why she chose you to be her bridesmaid.

You should carry your makeup kits, and your phone to take some good pictures but you must also take all the

  1. important items you will need to support the bride
  2. important items the bride needs and may forget to take

So let’s go on to list these crucial items you should take as a bridesmaid.

1. Printed Wedding Day Timeline Template

The bride or groom may have a copy of this but as the bridesmaid, you should make sure you have a copy of the Wedding Timeline Template so that you can follow along with all the events and remind her of anything she may be missing out. If the bride doesn’t have a Wedding Day Timeline Template yet, they can make one with this tool here. The tool allows you to create the Wedding Day Timeline Template and also print it out immediately.

2. Bride’s Props Checklist

You should also have a checklist that contains all the items the bride will need at the wedding venue. You should check to make sure she has taken everything on your list.

3. Contacts of all Vendors

The Bridesmaid should collate contact details of all the vendors that have been employed for a wedding ceremony. This will help her follow up together with the wedding planner in case things got out of hand.

4. Deodorant

The deodorants you and the bride wore at the start of the day might wear out before the ceremony begins. You will need to carry along some extra that you can use for yourself and the bride.

5. Phone Charger

Capturing moments with your phones is one of the ways you have fun and store happy memories during the wedding, your phone should not go dead. This is why you need some cell phone charger to ensure your phone and that of the bride stay on.

6. Tissues or Facial Wipes

The bride may have some moments of joy that will force tears from her eyes. Your tissues will become extremely useful at this point. There are several other instances where facial wipes and tissues will become the go-to problem solvers.

In Conclusion,

Your support as a bridesmaid is very crucial to making a wedding day successful. Being a good bridesmaid begins with

  1. ensuring your bride has a Wedding Day Timeline Template
  2. making sure the Wedding Day Timeline Template is printed
  3. going along to the wedding with the printed Wedding Day Timeline Template

and taking along all other items that we have mentioned in this post. There may be some other items you will need to go along with, but for most weddings, these are the most important ones.

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