I know what you’re thinking and the answer is…yes. You should definitely elope. During the early wedding planning process, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the little things. Many brides find themselves fantasizing about eloping to an exotic destination so that they can focus on the things that really matter: friends, family, and stunning wedding photos that will be cherished for years to come. So, I am here to tell you that you totally can do that. In fact, it could be the best decision ever!

Shows a couple in a scenic setting

Often when eloping comes up in the wedding planning process, the discussion is centered on the financial benefits, but there are so many other reasons why an elopement could actually be your dream wedding. It certainly was for Stacey and Matt in beautiful St. Lucia.

First look at the bride in her dress

When Stacey and Matt asked me to photograph their wedding in St. Lucia, I could barely contain my excitement! As a destination wedding photographer, I have been to some of the most beautiful places on earth, and St. Lucia is at the top of that list. Palm trees, white sand, clear water? Swoon. Not only did they get to walk down the aisle above the ocean, but the sound of the waves provided the perfect ambiance as they exchanged their wedding vows of love and lifelong commitment.

Showing the wedding ceremony

How many times have we heard that life is short and that we should travel while we are still young? And yet, how many of us put off our traveling dreams because life gets in the way? What better way to start the next chapter of your lives together than with a trip to a beautiful destination. Stacey and Matt chose Sandals Grande St. Lucia, an all-inclusive resort on the beach. One of the perks of an all-inclusive is that it removes so much of the stress of the wedding planning process. As a wedding photographer and friend to my brides, my number one priority is for them to be able to truly relax and enjoy their day (and get some stellar pictures of course!). Opting for a destination wedding in a beautiful location takes care of all of those things at once!

Wedding Day Timeline Template

While we are talking about the short, sweet nature of life, let’s not forget how important it is to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Brides always tell me that their favorite part of eloping is the extended time they can spend with their closest friends and family. Stacey was no exception. She gushed about how meaningful it was for her to have a whole week to spend with the people who mean the most to her and Matt. And because everyone was on vacation with them, the whole weekend got to be an extended wedding celebration that ended with a beach bonfire reception. Oh yeah, did I mention there was a beach bonfire reception??! Easily my favorite part of the whole experience and judging by the looks on everyone’s faces in these pictures they felt the same way.

Picture of the reception party

Life is short, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Buy the (white) dress, eat the (wedding) cake and run away with the love of your life. And if you need someone to come along to capture all that joyful bliss in paradise, I’m the destination wedding photographer for you!

The couple dancing by the bonfire