I pretty much adore all my couples – I’m lucky that way! However, few hold a special place in my heart the way Chrissy & Mike do. I was entranced by their thoughtfulness and pure kindness from the beginning.

Chrissy & Mike are high school sweethearts. Their seven years of courtship were filled with love and laughter. They prioritized playfulness in their relationship and their big day exemplified this!

Chrissy, a toy designer, created one-of-a-kind invitations set with bright colors and cute cartoons She had a touch of pink ruffle peeking through her 40’s style dress, and her bright blue heels made it perfecly pixar-esque! Their wedding squad stood pretty in pink, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and purple. Chrissy didn’t want to be narrowed down to one color or two; she felt using all the colors best represented their vibrant relationship!

The wedding ceremony took place at Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills, where they played instrumental renditions of Disney’s famous classics, such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ & ‘Beauty & the Beast’ (one of my favorite things Chrissy thought of – so romantic and fun.)

They held their reception at Marbella Country Club in San Juan Capistrano, where they had special choreographed dances with not only each other, but with their mamas too! The dances were adorable. Boy, do their friends and family know how to loosen up and have a good time dancing the night away!

I asked each person for their most memorable moments, and this is what they said:

Chrissy – “There are so many to choose from, but the one that stuck out the most was seeing him during our ‘first look.’ The wedding day felt REAL for the first time. It was so hard to keep the tears in…we tried to distract each other by saying the scariest or funniest parts of movie scenes, but just dissolved into laughter. All the stress and drama leading up to the big day was worth it, because I got to marry my best friend!”

Mike – “The moment that she first walked down the aisle. I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have her say ‘yes’ and how blessed the rest of our lives together was going to be.”

To Chrissy and Mike, meeting you two and sharing in your happiness has been such a blessing. Mike, I know you know how special Chrissy is, and I adore the way you care for her. I know your marriage will be full of cartoons, toys, and games, but may it also be blessed with joy and love.

With Love,